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Join us for a special presentation and be forever changed, empowered to accomplish greatness and experience fulfillment in both their personal lives and your role in your company.


A Cannonball Moment is a place where purpose meets a new path; it’s understanding the why that drives everything we do. Life takes on a new meaning, and our purpose becomes crystal clear. It is a moment that inspires fulfillment in all areas of your life. It is a moment that changes your future by asking you to be fully present.

My name is Chad Sanschagrin, and I experienced my CannonballMoment in a few unforgettable seconds when I was surrounded by my wife Kim, our daughters Madison and McKenzie, and some of our closest friends. The memory and the epiphany that followed is forever burned in my heart and mind—but you’ll have to work with me to hear the full story.

My Cannonball Moment drives what I do every day: contributing to the growth and well-being of others around the world by inspiring them to experience their own Cannonball Moments.


It has helped us not just at work—it’s helped us in our lives, too. Some of these behavioral changes we talk about, learn, practice, and reinforce are great life lessons and great life behavioral things to do, too.

He’s not telling you what you should be doing. He’s pulling things out of you, and he’s sharing his experience—and they move you to think differently. Then, after he’s gone, they resonate with you.

Chad’s approach is really unique. It’s something that I’ve never come across before in my years of being through a lot of different industries and a lot of different training programs. Chad really focuses on personal growth, and once he feels like he’s unleashed this human side of somebody, then he feels like he can really start approaching more of the professional development and the professional growth.