Clock Hours Course

Don't Get Prepared. Stay Prepared: Staying Sharp in a Hot Market

Earn 3 Clock Hours!

November 16, 2017
The Meydenbauer Center
Bellevue, WA

1-4 pm: Clock Hours Course
4-6 pm: Reception
6-8 pm: Awards Ceremony

Each year, a sell-out crowd of top Puget Sound new home sales professionals gathers to learn from a nationally recognized expert just before the Tribute Awards. This course is designed to give you more than “Clock Hours” for your license. This course is designed to give you a competitive edge!  Don’t miss this opportunity.

Our instructor for this year’s class is Ryan Taft.  Ryan is consumed with a passion for helping others achieve breakthrough results in sales, business, and life. With a career spanning two decades, training and coaching sales teams from call centers to new home sales to Realtors(R), Ryan combines his knowledge of human performance, psychology, and sales skills development to deliver extraordinarily engaging, energizing and insightful training experiences that drive peak performance at all levels.

Ryan’s infectious energy, passion, and positivity make him a gifted facilitator and an outstanding addition to Shore Consulting.  His gift for delivering inventive and energy training sessions lead audiences to proclaim him “exciting”, “motivating”, and “captivating”.


Ryan will cover the ten signs of selling from weakness, then dive into buyer psychology and end with staying sharp in a hot market.

In this entertaining, educational, and experiential workshop guests will learn new skills and concepts to make more sales faster and truly change the lives of buyers in the process. Ryan will uncover the top 10 signs of selling from weakness–even in a great market and unpack how to stand out in a crowded market to be both memorable and “story-worthy.” Guests will learn more about communication and buyer psychology in this three-hour training experience than they might in a semester of classes at your local college!

Current Challenges:

• Sounding like every other sales person

• Being reactive to a good market

• Not understanding the customer’s mission

• Only focusing on what customers are moving “to”

• Old school feature/benefit selling

• Feature Dumping


• More sales!

• Improved communication skills

• Understand your customer’s mission

• Stand out in a crowded market

• Becoming more collaborative with your customer

• Enjoy your job more

• Better customer experience

• Become “story worthy”

• Being prepared for a downturn

The BIAW Real Estate School is approved under chapter 18:85 RCW; inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to the WA Department of Licensing, Real Estate Program, P.O. Box 9048, Olympia, WA 98507.